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PressPad Lounge consists of two complementary components. Let's see how they work together for your business.


The Hardware Component

It is delivered to the desired area of the hotel, airport, shopping mall or other business location, where it broadcasts a gentle Bluetooth radio signal. This is how the exclusive virtual area of PressPad Lounge is shaped.

Hardware specification:

  • The size of a match box.
  • 1.5 year battery life.
  • Range of up to 40 meters in open space.
  • No maintenance

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Bluetooth beacons
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Mobile App

The Software Component

In a destination area with working PressPad Lounge it unveils premium content, available for people for free, right there on their mobile devices.

Main features:

  • Branded layout
  • Premium content distribution
  • Twitter integration
  • Push notification support
  • Email notification support
  • Promo codes distribution

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