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Everyone uses at least one mobile device, which becomes the constant companion of most people. We are entertained by the digital world via mobile devices. PressPad Lounge operates where modern people's attention is focused, in the mobile digital space. PressPad Lounge turns a dedicated business area into a virtual digital press corner. Hotel guests and people in waiting areas of airports etc. can read digital magazines on their own mobile devices, free of charge, while people around the world can use a our mobile app to get coupon codes unveiled by the particular venue, and be engaged by the local's marketing messages.

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PressPad Lounge in Radisson Blu

"Working with PressPad on the implementation of PressPad Lounge has allowed us to create a new value for our patrons, who easily gain free access to international press and magazines, using an app and our broadband Internet (...)"

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— Magdalena Mlynarczyk, Sales and Marketing Director, Radisson Blu, Krakow.

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