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PressPad Lounge is designed to attract people with commercial offers and engage local visitors with premium content.

Mobile publishing

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It’s coherent solution - not just another app - that utilizes people's behaviour. People like to read and people like to be given things, like discounts or free access to premium/restricted areas.

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Branded Mobile App

Your Mobile Identity

This is a mobile app for the individual business location that works with PressPad Lounge. It can be named after the Venue Lounge and published on the App Store and Google Play, to support the biggest mobile platforms in the world. This way businesses can approach mobile users in any part of the world.

Custom Content

PDF Files At Your Service

These are custom publications in PDF format, that can be distributed through the app. This applies to brochures, magazines or even the restaurant menu.

Digital Magazines

Available For Free For Your Guests

PressPad publishes hundreds of magazines from all over the world, including USA, UK, South Africa, Japan and Europe. We can provide 5-10 magazines per PressPad Lounge implementation.

Push Notifications

Drive Users' Attention

This is a message similar to a text message/sms that can be sent to app users. The message can be up to 100 characters long, and is displayed on their device via their operating system.

Email Notification

Build Mailing Lists

This is an email that can be sent to all app users who agree to receive email.

Promo Codes

Spread Coupons In App

This is a static text that is displayed in the side panel of the custom app, that can identify people who have rights to the specific discounts or promotions. This code can be renewed on a weekly basis, or even earlier upon request.

Twitter Feed

Connect More

Twitter has proved to be the one social network actively used by travellers and active people. Therefore, the hotel's or the airport’s Twitter account can be displayed in the app to engage people with all the latest news and deals.

Proximity Marketing

Coming soon

Coming soon...

Preconfigured Package

5 Minutes Installation

PressPad Lounge is available as a preconfigured package. All you need to do is attach iBeacon devices in the desired area of your venue. It only takes 5 minutes and is ready to use from the moment your beacons are attached. No complicated integration and no detailed technical knowledge is needed to use this product.

What's more PressPad Lounge can work alongside any available loyalty marketing products, without friction.

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