Mobile Marketing Solution

PressPad Lounge is a mobile marketing solution for hotels, airports and venues. It is designed to enhance guest experience, improve brand awareness and drive up loyalty.

Promote Your Brand

Inside and Outside Your Venue

Inside the venue, PressPad Lounge provides premium content and digital magazines for guests, entirely for free. Outside of it, it engages people with selected brand communication and offers promotions currently available in that venue. It attracts all the people with the app installed on their mobile devices.

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Promote your brand on mobile
Mobile publishing

Feed Your Sales Funnel

With Engaged Mobile Users

Venue marketers gain a unique tool - a custom mobile app - to build brand awareness through branded communication, directed towards mobile users through Push Notifications, Email Notifications and integrated Twitter Feed. PressPad Lounge feeds the venue's sales efforts with engaged users, who installed their app in order to receive a discount via promo code.

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Enhance Customer Experience

Make Them Brand Advocates

It is like Free Wi-Fi, TV or even an iron in the hotel room, all shape the guest experience, but so does a selection of free high quality magazines, available to read on the guests own mobile phone or tablet.

Engaged visitors drive positive word of mouth, which is at the base of every successful recommendation based sales process.

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Let your guests read for free

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